5 Low-Cost tips to get your home ready for the spring market

Here in Ottawa, it feels like Spring is still a lifetime away, but if you’re thinking about listing your home for sale this year, it’s time to start planning so you’re ready to put that For Sale sign on your front lawn as soon as the snow is gone.

The things to focus on tend to be similar no matter the season, but the difference between selling your house in the spring and during any other season is the dramatic change between the winter and the warmer months. Melting snow and ice, your garden may be slightly overgrown, neglected paving and exterior – not to mention the renos and upgrades you want to do inside; the ‘to do’ list starts becoming unmanageable if you don’t plan well in advance.

But there’s no need to panic. We’ve put together our top 5 tips for you to get your home ready for spring, without breaking the bank to do it.  

  • First and foremost, anticipate the rush.

    Contact your REALTOR® and let them know you plan to list your home this spring. This will help them plan for everything on their end to ensure everything goes smoothly when you’re ready to take action, and they may also have some personalized tips for you when it comes to sprucing up your home.

  • Spring Clean.

    The phrase says it all! Those long winter months take their toll on the exterior of your home. If you have a pool, make sure it’s open and cleaned as soon as possible, give your driveway a fresh coat of sealant, pull away any dead plants – you get the idea. A good pressure wash along the outside of your home goes a long way to making those listing photos stand out.

  • Minimize clutter and maximize space.

    No matter when you decide to list your home, this is always on the ‘to-do’ list. Most of us have small trinkets or decor items spread throughout our home, and while we love them, not everyone will. Pack as many personal items as possible away into storage to give your home a clean, open, welcoming feel. As an added bonus – these items will be already packed when you’re ready to move!

  • Spruce up that curb appeal.

    Trim back weeds, refill any mulch that’s gone bare, plant new annuals where needed, and make sure your lawn is mowed! A few colourful flowers can go a long way.

  • Let there be light.

    In the winter, we naturally tend to tuck ourselves inside, on the couch, wrapped in blankets, curtains drawn. But come spring (and the spring real estate market!) it’s time to let that sun shine back in. Swap out any curtains with light, flowy ones that you can open wide. Give all the windows a good clear, fluff up the couch and wash the blankets and pillow covers.

A few quick fixes with little to no cost and your home will be more than ready for the spring market. For more information or tips on how best to approach selling your home after the winter, don’t hesitate to drop me a line: david.oikle@rogers.com.