neighbourhoods to watch in ottawa

Neighbourhoods to Watch in Ottawa

Whether you’re local to Ottawa, or thinking about moving here for the first time, there are so many desirable neighbourhoods to consider, depending on your specific lifestyle and needs. Here are just a few current favourites. Who knows? You may find your future home in one of them!

Kanata LakesMorgan’s Grant

You’ll find this beautifully scenic, master-planned community just 16 minutes west of downtown Ottawa. It’s well known for the impressive Centrum Shopping Centre. Residents here are generally healthy, and well off with an average family income of $130,000. You’ll also find lots of parks and opportunities for outdoor recreation here. 

Bridlewood – Emerald Meadows

An incredibly unique neighbourhood with plenty of aesthetic appeal, surrounded by Greenbelt, and populated primarily by young, growing families. As it’s a relatively new neighbourhood (most homes are under 25 years old), the properties are generally in good repair. Similarly, the residents of Bridlewood-Emerald Meadows happen to be healthier than most of the city!

Huntclub Woods – Revelstoke

A well established neighbourhood in Ottawa with a culturally diverse population. You’ll find very little crime, well-kept homes, and an average family income of $110,000. If you love nature, this is a great place to be, especially with the beautiful Rideau River, right there – a beautiful backdrop for outdoor activity. Residents of this community are actually among the most active in the city!

Riverside South

This rapidly growing neighbourhood is definitely one to watch, close to parks, arenas and shopping. Although it’s still relatively young compared to its long-term projected growth, the community has still managed to build an impressive number of suburban-style housing developments. Most properties here are detached single family homes and freehold towns. It may be mostly residential, but the community still hosts its own assortment of local shops, restaurants, cafes, and service centres. 


Stitsville offers the best of both worlds: It’s close to the city centre, while still maintaining a unique village charm and community feel. The Community Association is constantly working on updating the community without losing its small town appeal. Many recreational opportunities are to be found here, as well as a community design plan in the works to develop along Main Street.

Of course, these are just a few of many. For more info on where to buy, book a call to chat with me today – I was born and raised in West Ottawa, and know the city inside out!