Where to Buy in Ottawa – An Overview of Popular Neighbourhoods

The property market in Ottawa is hotter than ever, and with demand comes lower availability. If you are in the market, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular areas, some of their features, and important things to note. These neighbourhoods have shown a drastic increase in housing prices over the last 5-10 years, but there are hidden gems everywhere – send me a message if any of these areas sound like the perfect place for your next home!

Alta Vista

An older neighbourhood, with plenty of charm – Alta Vista boasts a house built as far back as 1811. The area was named for its location, elevated above the Rideau River Valley. Most of the land was farmed up until the 1950s, when it was developed in response to needs arising from the post World War II ‘Baby Boom’. The best part is that the area is close enough to Downtown Ottawa that you can work in the city centre, and when you’re home you won’t even notice it’s there.

Good to know:

    • Most houses in Alta Vista were constructed between 1950-1970.
    • 88% of homes are detached.
    • Housing prices vary, ranging from $300k to over $1.4 million – that being said, 25% of homes are under $400k, and 53% under $500k.
    • There are two major hospitals in the region, as well as plenty of great schools.

Downtown Ottawa

This location in the heart of the city is bursting with appeal – you will be treated to cultural attractions, thriving markets and a bustling nightlife. Not only is this area the business hub of the Capital, it is also home to most of the attractions that draw tourists from all regions of the globe. A cosmopolitan community which welcomes all people – Ottawans love the downtown as well, for well known recreational activities including skating on the Rideau Canal in winter, munching on Beaver Tails (trust us) in all seasons, and idyllic boating expeditions in summer.

Good to know:

    • Most houses in Downtown Ottawa were constructed between 1890-1930.
    • 51% of homes are detached, while 49% are row and semi-detached homes.
    • Detached houses come at a premium cost, ranging from $400k-$1.1million.
    • Semi-detached or row houses are more affordable, ranging from $370k-$850k on average.


Hintonburg, along with Island Park and Wellington Village, forms one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Ottawa. The community is centrally located, close to public transport lines and the river. A diverse neighbourhood of varying demographics, Hintonburg is unique in that the streets and sizes of the lots are not uniform, giving it even more charm.

Good to know:

    • Most of the houses were built between 1900-1960, although there have been over 260 new houses built since 1990.
    • 73% of the houses are detached, with prices ranging from $325k to upwards of $1.3 million, and a high percentage over $500k.


Kanata is a fan favourite for those who enjoy a little hockey – as the location of the Canadian Tire Centre, home of the Ottawa Senators, it’s no wonder the area is a popular choice. Not only are sports fans accommodated, but there is a strong technology industry present, with many well known businesses in the centre, along with plenty of recreational activities including shopping, skating, natural parks and more.

Good to know:

    • Kanata is divided into 8 neighbourhoods across 3 regions (north, west and south).
    • There are plenty of great schools in the area.
    • The age of the neighbourhoods is varied, resulting in a diverse arrangement in housing, from the location of most detached houses within Beaverbrook and Bridlewood.


Manotick is located in what’s known as ‘Rural Ottawa South’ – and for this reason attracts those who are drawn to a more country-style living. Far from the bustle of the city centre, Manotick boasts 95% detached homes with large yards and wide open spaces.It was originally a logging and milling town, built right after the Rideau Canal was constructed. 

Good to know:

    • The town has a ruling that states only 70 new houses can be constructed per year so that the area maintains it’s ‘small town’ ambience.
    • Recently the trend to move out of the city has attracted buyers and consequently driven up the prices of homes.


As the name suggests, Orleans is home to a large francophone population, and has been named one of Ottawa’s best neighbourhoods due to its affordability, close proximity to downtown, and family friendly infrastructure. Each neighbourhood within Orleans carries its own appeal.

Good to know:

    • An average 70% of the houses are detached, with the highest number falling within Orleans South.
    • Prices are very reasonable and range from around $250k-$1.4million.
    • Orleans is located 16km from downtown and 26km from Ottawa International Airport.

Riverside South

One of the neighbourhoods within Ottawa South, Riverside South is relatively new compared to the other neighbourhoods, with many of the houses being built between 1997-2008. For this reason there is a higher percentage of semi-detached homes, built for economy and convenience.

Good to know:

    • The neighbourhood is home to a number of schools and activities including nature trails and community parks.

Rockcliffe Park

Rockcliffe Park is one of Ottawa’s most affluent areas, often viewed as a piece of countryside within the city. Known for parks and green spaces, many foreign officials and their families have chosen this for their residence. For this reason the population is very cosmopolitan which further adds to the appeal.

Good to know:

    • 99% of the homes are detached, and prices vary from $300k to over $3 million.
    • The area is entirely conserved by Heritage, which means the charm and authenticity will be preserved and no mass development will be permitted.


While Stittsville is considered a part of greater Ottawa City, it has managed to retain its small town charm due to the layout of the town and the residents. The community is very close knit and focused on maintaining the authenticity of the area.

Good to know:

    • Many of the houses were built in the last part of the 20th century, however this does not mean they are entirely modern and devoid of character.

The Glebe

The Glebe, so named for its original lands belonging to the St Andrews Church, is one of Ottawa’s more affluent and eclectic neighbourhoods. Home to many interesting retail opportunities, and host to a number of annual events like the ‘Great Glebe Garage Sale’ which attract thousands of tourists on the hunt for treasures.

Good to know:

    • The oldest operating school in Ottawa is in the Glebe – Mutchmore Public School.
    • Many of the homes carry heritage status.
    • Prices range from $425k-$1.6 million.
    • This is a primarily English speaking neighbourhood, with small pockets of French.


Westboro is home to the hip and happening, being one of the trendiest neighbourhoods within Ottawa. A highly sought after area, you will find a mixture of old and new homes, and matching families. The Westboro community is constantly looking for ways to improve and revive the area, in doing so attracting even more people every year.

Good to know:

    • Most homes were built during the first half of the 20th century.
    • Every June Westboro hosts ‘West Fest’ which is a free outdoor music festival, including a line up of local and popular international performers.
    • Prices range from $350k-$1.5 million.

No matter where you decide to buy, bear in mind that working with a REALTOR® who knows the area well will help you make the right decisions, and choose the location that best suits your needs. Send me a message if you have any questions, or are ready to start looking for your next home.